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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Jim Cousins backs congestion charges for Newcastle

The Evening Chronicle is reporting that Jim Cousins is backing congestion charges for Newcastle. Jim would like to see residents exempt from charges as they are in London. In addition to charges Jim would also

like to see park and ride facilities at stations such as Almouth and Morpeth. By tackling long-distance commuting we could tackle the traffic congestion on roads like the A1 Western bypass, which is getting like the M25 around London.
The A1 Western bypass has obviously been on Jim's mind as he asked a question about traffic levels on it a few weeks ago. I still think if they sorted out the constant roadworks and building traffic it would be much easier to travel across Newcastle.

Read Evening Chronicle article here.
Read BBC article about the Government's plans to reduce congestion here.
Read the Guardian's Editor briefing on the Government's plans here. See the BBC site about the congestion charge in London here and case studies elsewhere.


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