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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Web of intrigue as 'blogger' tracks MP

So goes the headline in this article in the local paper, the Journal, about Jim Cousins' blog which from my point of view is better than any number of mentions in the Guardian as it has more chance of reaching Jim's constituents. On the downside they didn't print the website address (at least in the online version - I'm yet to see the print version) which in this day and age when talking about a website is a very big downside. At the very least though this should have been read by at least a few local people who have managed to find their way here. Which is just as well as I don't think I'm quite up to a sticker campaign!

Apart from a few minor inaccuracies, like extending my offer of a few months technical support to a year (Which I'll honour Jim - it get's better and better.), the now obligatory 'web logger' reference, saying I update daily (I wish I had the time - that's where Jim comes in I hope), the fact I may reveal my true identity and the omission of my explicit statement that computer programming has nothing to do with it and is in no way required to write a blog the the journalist did at least do a bit of background on the reason for doing it including a mention for Tim at Bloggerheads and the Alan Milburn proxy blog, just down the road from here at Darlington.

Still no comment from Jim. If any of Jim's constituents are reading this and think it's a good idea then let Jim know.


At 2 August 2004 at 21:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They made my Alan Milburn blog look far more aggressive than it is. The great thing about blogging, however, is it's possible to explain and clarify misrepresentations in the press.

At 4 August 2004 at 12:45, Blogger Not The Real Jim Cousins said...

I figure any press is better than no press. I have had more local people visiting as a result of the article so I can' complain too much.

Good going on the meeting! I'll write it up for you to read soon Jim.

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